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Word: factories
IPA transcription: [f'æktɚiz]
Pronunciations of factories
Usage examples
  • Fancy living in the middle of factories, and factory people!
  • The early factories growing out of the household industry were small.
  • In every thunder-storm enough force is dissipated to run thousands of factories.
  • Factories compel great numbers of laborers to live near each other and to work together.
  • About two hundred million people live in the stage of simple machines and small factories.
  • The force in Mount Pelee, if chained and utilized, would run a million factories a million years.
  • Cotton mills, factories, and manufacturing plants would rise up as the green corn after a shower.
  • It is not yet evident how many can own a share in great factories, but the control drifts into few hands.
  • Even now the legislative power is asked, no longer simply to regulate the government of factories, but to create factories itself.
  • The number of establishments has been diminished as the staple products that can be transported have come to be made in larger factories.
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