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Word: fallacy
IPA transcription: [f'æləsi]
Pronunciations of fallacy
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fallacy, false_belief
    Meaning: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning
Usage examples
  • Cherishing a huge fallacy
  • And the case must be very flagrant in which its fallacy could be detected with sufficient certainty to justify the harsh expedient of compulsion.
  • You may say that the lady is not running for a public office, and that, therefore, she should be protected from public scrutiny, but that is a fallacy.
  • It is the old fallacy that the effect resembles its cause: if you would make wet weather, you must be wet; if you would make dry weather, you must be dry.
  • I thought it a fallacy which would surely be exploded. I doubted then, and still more for some time afterward, when held to a dread responsibility for the position which I occupied.
  • Yet the incipient fallacy lurking even in such suppositions becomes obvious when we inquire whether so blind an accident, for instance, as sex is also adventitious and ideally transferable and whether Jack and Jill, remaining themselves, could have exchanged genders.
  • They were really very plausible and thoughtful heresies, and it was really a creditable or even glorious circumstance, that the old monk had been intellectual enough to detect their fallacy; the only misfortune was that nobody in the modern world was intellectual enough even to understand their argument.
  • It was a just insight, for instance, in the Christian fable to make the first rebel against God the chief among the angels, the spirit occupying the position nearest to that which he tried to usurp. Lucifer's fallacy consisted in thinking natural inequality artificial. His perversity lay in rebelling against himself and rejecting the happiness proper to his nature.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Paradox, License CC BY-SA 4.0