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Word: fancies
IPA transcription: [f'├Žnsiz]
Usage examples
  • It's just a string of fancies.
  • We had strange fancies about the stars.
  • I don't propose to respect your little fancies.
  • Yet his fancies serve us better than the facts.
  • '"Deal with facts, not fancies," says Big Hand.
  • We walked by ourselves, genuine loiterers stopping or straying as our fancies dictated.
  • As nations rose in civilization these fancies put on a more complex form and a more poetic fulness.
  • And she kisses and hugs me, comforts me, and you know she has such faith, such faith in her fancies!
  • "There is no end to the fancies entertained by the Sioux concerning thunder," observes Mrs. Eastman.
  • Athwart the drab texture of consciousness wild fancies played like heat lightning in a still midsummer night.