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Word: featherstone
IPA transcription: [f'ɛðɚst,oʊn]
Usage examples
  • "Wait a minute," said Featherstone.
  • "What do you see?" asked Featherstone.
  • "By Jove!" cried Featherstone, "this is getting exciting.
  • At this Featherstone sat upright, with his legs dangling out of the hammock.
  • "Two to one on the red!" cried Featherstone, betting on the one which had gained the lead.
  • It was now necessary to determine the state of the race, so Featherstone ordered out the boat.
  • "By Jove!" exclaimed Featherstone again, raising himself higher in his hammock, "that's not a bad idea.
  • At this the others crowded around to look on, and Featherstone in his excitement forgot that he had lost his bet.
  • In the midst of this, Featherstone's attention was drawn to the dark spot already mentioned as the goal of the race.
  • His occupation at length attracted the roving eyes of Featherstone, who poked forth his head from his hammock, and said in a sleepy voice: