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Word: feigned
IPA transcription: [f'eɪnd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: feigned
    Meaning: not genuine; "feigned sympathy"
Usage examples
  • Couched in terms of feigned devotion
  • I looked at her with respect; it was both real and feigned.
  • Cocalus feigned compliance and invited Minos to his palace, where he was treacherously put to death in a warm bath.
  • He heaped every outrage upon my lad, because the spirit of the Chateau Noirs would not stoop to turn away his wrath by a feigned submission.
  • He lay five days at Tewkesbury, which was his first stage after leaving Gloucester; and he feigned, by some preparations, to point towards Worcester.
  • Madame Defarge returned to her counter to get the wine, and, as he took up a Jacobin journal and feigned to pore over it puzzling out its meaning, he heard her say, "I swear to you, like Evremonde!"
  • The king's partisans had all along maintained, that the fears and jealousies of the parliament, after the securities so early and easily given to public liberty, were either feigned or groundless; and that no human institution could be better poised and adjusted than was now the government of England.
  • Mary's sufferings exceed, both in degree and duration, those tragical distresses which fancy has feigned to excite sorrow and commiseration; and while we survey them, we are apt altogether to forget her frailties: we think of her faults with less indignation, and approve of our tears, as if they were shed for a person who had attained much nearer to pure virtue.