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Word: fermata
IPA transcription: [fɛɹm'ɑt,ɑ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fermata
    Meaning: (music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest
  • Synonyms: fermata
    Meaning: a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount
Usage examples
  • The Ballade-- andante con moto, six-eighths--begins in the major key of the dominant; the seventh measure comes to a stand before a fermata on C major.
  • The coda, in modulated harp tones, came to a stop before a fermata which corresponded to those before mentioned, in order to cast anchor in the haven of the dominant, finishing with a witches' dance of triplets, doubled in thirds.