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Word: fiddling
IPA transcription: [f'ɪdlɪŋ]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fiddling, footling, lilliputian, little, niggling, piddling, piffling, petty, picayune, trivial
    Meaning: (informal) small and of little importance; "a fiddling sum of money"; "a footling gesture"; "our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war"; "a little (or small) matter"; "a dispute over niggling details"; "limited to petty enterprises"; "piffling efforts"; "giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction"
Usage examples
  • I'm fond o' fiddling.
  • The fat man went back to his fiddling.
  • Toby had cured me of asking questions. He stopped my fiddling if I did.
  • One hot evening late in August, Toby was reading the newspaper on the stoop and Red Jacket was smoking under a peach tree and I was fiddling.
  • We walked into a dirty little room full of flutes and fiddles and a fat man fiddling by the window, in a smell of cheese and medicines fit to knock you down.