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Word: fiends
IPA transcription: [f'indz]
Usage examples
  • The little fiends keep on pinching me with tongs.'
  • We'll see it through if all the fiends of the pit were loose upon the moor."
  • They were all hideous--with streaks of red or green paint on their faces that made them look like fiends.
  • When the gun fired, how should I dare to go down to the boats among those fiends, still smoking from their crime?
  • To be lost in the pear is to die almost the death of the thief on the cross, pierced by nails and with grotesque shapes of all the fiends hovering about.
  • Sometimes the women would cease beating the skin bags to clap their hands and strike their sides, yelling the words of the corroboree song, as the painted figures, like fiends and skeletons, danced before the row of fires.