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Word: fireflies
IPA transcription: [f'aɪɚfl,aɪz]
Usage examples
  • "Yes, we must have the Fireflies," echoed the colonel.
  • Let's see--the Fireflies, Butterflies, Moths. The Bees must come, I suppose."
  • The Fireflies, of course; everybody wants them, they are so brilliant,--a little unsteady, to be sure, but quite in the higher circles."
  • Her hair shone like gold in the candlelight, and her glittering crown flashed as if a circle of fairy fireflies had been caught in its soft meshes.
  • The light of hundreds of glowworms shone amidst the grass and the moss, like green fire; and if she touched a twig with her hand ever so lightly, the brilliant fireflies fell down around her like shooting stars.