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Word: fittest
IPA transcription: [f'ɪtəst]
Usage examples
  • The fittest morally?
  • Did these different methods under the special circumstances result in the survival of the fittest?
  • The full graduates of these schools are only "the survival of the fittest." Others take a secondary degree and can act as assistants or retire from the list.
  • I copy it down here because it seems to me that it is the fittest beginning to the history that I am about to write, if it please God to spare me to finish it.
  • And I was punished in the fittest and funniest way, for I have kept my truths: but I have discovered, not that they were not truths, but simply that they were not mine.
  • The fingers of little girls, it has always appeared to me, are the fittest to twine flower wreaths; but boys could do it, in those days, rather better than they can now.
  • In the physical constitution of an organized being, that is, a being adapted suitably to the purposes of life, we assume it as a fundamental principle that no organ for any purpose will be found but what is also the fittest and best adapted for that purpose.