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Word: flattened
IPA transcription: [fl'ætənd]
Pronunciations of flattened
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: planate, flattened
    Meaning: having been flattened
Usage examples
  • The nuggets flattened to a yellow leaf as fine and flexible as silk.
  • A hail came, and Dick flattened himself against the ground and lay perfectly still.
  • So she put all that sort of sentiment, once and for ever, in a grave, and filled it up, and flattened it down.'
  • Beneath my head the others are dragged down Who have preceded me in simony, Flattened along the fissure of the rock.
  • Moreover, he was possessed of a formula whereby to extract juice from a flattened lemon, and he would do business with me.
  • Then with a jerk the monoplane flattened out and came like a skimming bird to the surface of the water; her engines stopped.
  • How they sleeked and flattened their plumage, and with half-open beaks and sparkling eyes, hopped closer and closer as if charmed.
  • There were moments when the smoke paused and mounted straight into the sky; then a few seconds later it flattened out and rose in a long black stream.
  • If the shot turns out to be lens-shaped, there has been too much arsenic; if hollow, flattened, or tailed, there has been too little. Pewter or tin is bad, as it makes tailed shot.
  • It was moving quickly, in the manner of a geometer caterpillar, the fingers humped up one moment, flattened out the next; the thumb appeared to give a crab-like motion to the whole.
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