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Word: flinching
IPA transcription: [fl'ɪntʃɪŋ]
Usage examples
  • "Quite possible," said Magdalen, without a moment's flinching from the answer.
  • He faced the other pluckily enough and without flinching, and spoke up boldly in answer.
  • He met my gaze without flinching, and lighted me to the stair with our established ceremony.
  • Never flinching, the men of the west and northwest hurled themselves upon the powerful fortified positions.
  • I have an idiotic way of flinching from the confounded thing--I flinch and duck a little every time the crash comes, and I couldn't get over it.
  • Well did Vincent know that he was no match for such a diplomatist; but having once realized that the duty must be undertaken, he determined that there should be no flinching.