Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: flocked
IPA transcription: [fl'ɑkt]
Usage examples
  • After tea the Allisons flocked in to bid her welcome.
  • And they were too small, these churches, to hold the crowds that flocked to them.
  • And with a sharp cry the hero fell to the ground; and as he was struck his comrades flocked together with answering cry.
  • Small thieves, pickpockets and the like, flocked to Mr. Jarvis as their tribal leader and protector and he protected them.
  • So great were the crowds that flocked to Confession that Vincent was unable to cope with them and had to apply to the Jesuits at Amiens for help.
  • It was then the custom of the English people, that when a clerk or priest came to a township, they all, at his summons, flocked together to hear the Word; willingly heard what was said, and still more willingly practised those things that they could hear and understand.
  • This pillar, which had once graced the portal of a pagan temple, again became a place of pious pilgrimage, and people flocked to Simeon's rock, so that they might be near when he stretched out his black, bony hands to the East, and the spirit of Almighty God, for a space, hovered close around.
  • They fell into an animated discussion of school matters, which was presently interrupted by a tumultuous rush outside, the door was opened without ceremony, and in flocked the rest of the "Kindred Spirit,"--Evelyn and Polly, boon companions, unlike as they were; studious Rachel; Rosalind, the school beauty, whose golden head and apple-blossom face scarcely suggested books or scholarship.