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Word: foe
IPA transcription: [f'oʊ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: enemy, foe, foeman, opposition
    Meaning: an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force); "a soldier must be prepared to kill his enemies"
  • Synonyms: foe, enemy
    Meaning: a personal enemy; "they had been political foes for years"
Usage examples
  • I am her foe, and would rather die than marry her."
  • With faces to the foe, they slowly fell back, contesting every inch of ground.
  • General Ames handled his men with great skill; his deadliest foe could not deny that.
  • The idea of being fired upon by an unseen foe would, I knew, give Larry a real lift of the spirit.
  • The stark-heart found footprint of foe who so far had gone in his hidden craft by the creature's head.
  • To the scouts and skirmishers and to Dick, wandering through the forest, nature was an unmitigated foe.
  • When the last foe had disappeared, Tip crawled from under the sofas and assisted the Woggle-Bug to follow him.
  • This was too much, and with another roar which made the princess shake in her shoes, he flung himself upon his foe.
  • He was in all parts of the field, a fine mark for the guns of the foe, and yet not a shot struck him to do him harm.
  • Morgan was a fellow of intelligence and, whatever lay back of his designs against me, he was clearly a foe to reckon with.