Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: foes
IPA transcription: [f'oʊz]
Usage examples
  • The only foes he had seen were some pickets along the river bank.
  • Then he hears the sound of foes drawing near and springs to meet them."
  • "By what sign to-morrow shall we be able to distinguish friends from foes?"
  • But when men be hot in deeds of arms oft they hurt their friends as well as their foes.
  • In an instant all his foes seemed turned to stone, and where each man was there he stayed.
  • "Lo! to yon sedgy bank He creeps disconsolate; his numerous foes Surround him, hounds and men.
  • He was a passing fair knight, open and brave, courteous to his friends, and stern to his foes.
  • The coadjutor bowed and left the palace, casting upon the cardinal such a glance as is best understood by mortal foes.
  • I had no intention of being killed, and now that I had due warning of danger, I resolved to protect myself from foes without and within.
  • In consequence, the whole party was obliged to halt and again go into camp, having accomplished but a very short remove from their savage foes.