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Word: footprints
IPA transcription: [f'ʊtpɹ,ɪnts]
Pronunciations of footprints
Usage examples
  • The snow on this log was beaten by tiny footprints.
  • Only in one or two places were the footprints at all distinct.
  • Their scouts came in, and reported that they had found fresh footprints of men in the forest.
  • "Monsieur Fred, these neat footprints seem to have been made since the discovery of the crime."
  • Further away towards the dimness, it appeared to be broken by a number of small narrow footprints.
  • "Hun-he!" exclaimed Manstin, bending over the freshly made footprints in the moist bank of the brook.
  • Men lost in the snow travel in exact circles until they sink, exhausted, as their footprints have attested.
  • Here, after looking at the marks of the bicycle, which followed, going and coming, the neat footprints, I thought I might intervene.
  • "What makes me think that?--Why these footprints, which I expected to find!" he cried, pointing to the sharply outlined imprint of a neat boot.
  • The Magician's servants hurried after the fresh tracks, but when they came to the bridge, they stood, not knowing which road to take, as the footprints stopped suddenly, and there were three paths for them to choose from.
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