Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: forgave
IPA transcription: [fɚɡ'eɪv]
Usage examples
  • It was I who suggested it to him and he took my advice, but he never forgave me for it."
  • These people simply could not pay, and I forgave the debt, taking no judgments against them, and I have never regretted the action.
  • He said horrid things about other people in such a charming way that one forgave him for the equally horrid things he said about oneself behind one's back.
  • But on the way, as she passed the drawing room, she beheld a scene, filling her heart with such pleasure that the tears came into her eyes, and she forgave the delinquent herself.
  • The children ran after it, screaming with laughter, but when they caught up to the rolling ball and discovered their well-known, mischievous Zip rolled up so tight he was helpless, they clapped their hands with delight. He looked so crestfallen and funny that they forgave him on the spot for the loss of their candy.