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Word: forth
IPA transcription: [f'ɔɹθ]
Pronunciations of forth
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Forth, Forth_River
    Meaning: a river in southern Scotland that flows eastward to the Firth of Forth
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: away, off, forth
    Meaning: from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete); "ran away from the lion"; "wanted to get away from there"; "sent the children away to boarding school"; "the teacher waved the children away from the dead animal"; "went off to school"; "they drove off"; "go forth and preach"
  • Synonyms: forth, forward, onward
    Meaning: forward in time or order or degree; "from that time forth"; "from the sixth century onward"
  • Synonyms: forth
    Meaning: out into view; "came forth from the crowd"; "put my ideas forth"
Usage examples
  • The chorus burst forth.
  • Thereupon he came forth.
  • He literally burst forth:
  • It stretched forth an arm.
  • It gave forth a wooden sound.
  • Let us, as you say, scud forth.
  • Ho! there, lead forth that evil one.'
  • And day peers forth with her blank eyes
  • Gondy went to a box and drew forth a bag.
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