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Word: fostered
IPA transcription: [f'ɑstɚd]
Usage examples
  • Arguments must be fostered and preserved.
  • Thus benignly fostered by the good St. Nicholas, the infant city thrived apace.
  • This was conventional among the children, and was fostered by the banter of older persons.
  • He waylaid the nieces once or twice, and tried to secure from them a verification of his somber suspicions, which they mischievously fostered.
  • These he had fostered with great care since the plants had first sprouted through the soil, and in these late August days two or three hundreds of fine, big melons were just getting ripe.
  • Celebrated, however, as Hilda was for her great educational work at Whitby, she is probably better known to the world as the one who first recognized and fostered the rare gifts of the poet Caedmon.
  • Young ladies counted it a point in the favor of their lovers if the engagement circlet came from Van Doren's. And Mortimer Darcy, knowing the value of that class of trade, had, when he purchased Mr. Van Doren's business fostered that spirit.
  • For physical development in which the lungs come in for their share and the sense of mechanical rhythm is fostered, an excellent exercise is marching in step to the stroke of the drum, proud in Boy Scout uniform. Dancing is a very desirable accomplishment for the deaf child.
  • With plenty of work to the fore, as a hospital interne, the ruling spirit still asserted itself, and the young doctor became an inspiration among the waifs of the teeming city; he was one of the founders of the great Lads' Brigades which have done much good, and fostered more, in the example that they have set for allied activities.