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Word: fountain
IPA transcription: [f'aʊntən]
Pronunciations of fountain
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fountain
    Meaning: a structure from which an artificially produced jet of water arises
Usage examples
  • Like a summer-dried fountain
  • Boiardo thus describes the fountain of hatred:
  • There is the tall lily in the fountain that nods to the sun.
  • Sorrow was slowly sapping the fountain of her darling's youth.
  • On the sixth appeared a long narrow box containing a fountain pen.
  • Then he arose, appearing as if he had been drinking at the fountain of gladness.
  • The gypsy returned to the fountain, and addressing once more the image of Zizi, she said:
  • He retreated a little way to a marble seat beside the fountain, but watched the strangers carefully.
  • Night was far advanced when I came to the halfway resting-place and seated myself beside the fountain.
  • But just then a Voice exclaimed: "Here's another of them, Tubekins, lying in the water of the fountain."
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