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Word: fractured
IPA transcription: [fɹ'æktʃɚd]
Pronunciations of fractured
Usage examples
  • Her head was cut in several places, and her arm fractured.
  • While he was in the building the explosion took place, and he received injuries that seemed likely to prove fatal, his skull being fractured and several bones broken, while he was injured internally.
  • Mr. Young and I traced the glorious crystal wall, admiring its wonderful architecture, the play of light in the rifts and caverns, and the structure of the ice as displayed in the less fractured sections, finding fresh beauty everywhere and facts for study.
  • In the civilization of the present day, incomplete as it still is, it is not a very abnormal thing to behold these fractured families pouring themselves out into the darkness, not knowing clearly what has become of their children, and allowing their own entrails to fall on the public highway.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording John Y. Brown (politician, born 1835), License CC BY-SA 4.0