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Word: freehold
IPA transcription: [fɹ'ih,oʊld]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: freehold
    Meaning: tenure by which land is held in fee simple or for life
  • Synonyms: freehold
    Meaning: an estate held in fee simple or for life
Usage examples
  • His property, his life, and the honor of his wife and children always in danger the small proprietor made haste to do homage to his seignior, and to bestow something on the church of his freehold, that he might receive protection and security.
  • And on account of the charges and expenses which would be incurred by the Venetian government whilst rendering assistance to the Most Christian king in the aforesaid war, the Most Christian king bound himself to approve and consent that the city of Cremona and certain forts or territories adjacent, specially indicated, should belong in freehold and perpetuity to the Venetian government.