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Word: frenzied
IPA transcription: [fɹ'ɛnzid]
Pronunciations of frenzied
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: frenzied, manic
    Meaning: affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason; "a frenzied attack"; "a frenzied mob"; "the prosecutor's frenzied denunciation of the accused"- H.W.Carter; "outbursts of drunken violence and manic activity and creativity"
Usage examples
  • "Oh! my child! my child!" she sobbed, covering him with almost frenzied kisses.
  • Wedged bolt upright, he could only wait and let the frenzied mob stream past him.
  • Frenzied by defeat and their heaps of dead, the Soviet troops opened a tornado of steel and flame against the battered building.
  • And he ran faster, panting, gasping, till of a sudden the portals loomed before him, and he saw a crowd of frenzied Atlanteans struggling to pass through, and a file of soldiers struggling to keep them back.
  • So, all through the wintry days of the campaign, Silas Finn carried his fiery cross through the constituency, winning frenzied adherents, while Paul found it hard to rally the faithful round the drooping standard of St. George.
  • With a final effort he threw himself from Numa's back and sought, by his quickness, to elude the frenzied beast for the fraction of an instant that would permit him to regain his feet and meet the animal again upon a more even footing.
  • He thought of each small laboratory as a potential inferno, each experimenter a bondman to ecstasy, the whole frenzied, gasping scheme a furtherance of the fame and power of Henry Maxineff, already world-known, inventor of the deadliest high explosives.
  • The curtain slid aside again, and the same huge negro she had seen before entered. He came towards her, and her breath hissed in suddenly between her set teeth, but before he reached her the Arab woman intercepted him, blocking his way, and with wild eyes and passionate gestures poured out a stream of low, frenzied words.
  • Mrs. Packard must have forgotten all this disarray, or at least had supposed it to have yielded to the efforts of the maid, when she proposed my awaiting her there. There were bureau-drawers with their contents half on the floor, boxes with their covers off, cupboard-doors ajar and even the closet shelves showing every mark of a frenzied search among them.
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