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Word: fringes
IPA transcription: [fɹ'ɪndʒɪz]
Pronunciations of fringes
Usage examples
  • In the largest teepee sat a young mother wrapping red porcupine quills about the long fringes of a buckskin cushion.
  • The canopy was ornamented, too, on every side with fringes, ribbons, tufts, tassels, and gold lace, in the richest manner.
  • All down the long brown seats members were shifting and arranging themselves more decorously, uncrossing their legs, slipping their hats beneath the leather fringes.
  • Sometimes it would leap down rocky shelves, making small cascades, over which the trees threw their broad balancing sprays and long nameless weeds hung in fringes from the impending banks, dripping with diamond drops.
  • Level lines of dewy mist lay stretched along the valley, out of which rose the massy mountains--their lower cliffs in pale gray shadow, hardly distinguishable from the floating vapour, but gradually ascending till they caught the sunlight, which ran in sharp touches of ruddy colour along the angular crags, and pierced, in long level rays, through their fringes of spear-like pine.
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