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Word: fruitful
IPA transcription: [fɹ'utfəl]
Pronunciations of fruitful
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fruitful
    Meaning: productive or conducive to producing in abundance; "be fruitful and multiply"
Usage examples
  • Branches also soon become fruitful.
  • The expedition promises to be fruitful.
  • Knowledge, already attained knowledge, controls thinking and makes it fruitful.
  • "But, Colonel, the negro when educated will be more able to make his speculations fruitful."
  • The very word pupil has almost come to mean one who is engaged not in having fruitful experiences but in absorbing knowledge directly.
  • This peculiarity of the dream of pollution, as O. Rank has observed, makes it a fruitful subject to pursue in the study of dream distortion.
  • Ali Baba knocked at the door, which was opened by Morgiana, a clever, intelligent slave, who was fruitful in inventions to meet the most difficult circumstances.
  • After each fruitful visit to the undertaker, and he paid several in his zeal, he came back to Lucy and she was grateful; and she was not only grateful, but very obviously glad to get him back.
  • The neglected body, having no organized fruitful channels of activity, breaks forth, without knowing why or how, into meaningless boisterousness, or settles into equally meaningless fooling--both very different from the normal play of children.
  • On her wedding day, the bride is crowned with a garland of wormwood; and, after the priest has tied the nuptial knot, his clerk or sexton throws a handful of hops upon the head of the bride, wishing that she might prove as fruitful as that plant.
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