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Word: g
IPA transcription: [dʒ'i]
Pronunciations of g
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: gram, gramme, gm, g
    Meaning: a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
Usage examples
  • g.
  • (Signed) "G.
  • (Signed) "G.
  • (Signed) "G.
  • D. A. A. G. for cavalry; then staff officer to General French. 1901.
  • This G minor Ballade was published in June, 1836, and is dedicated to Baron Stockhausen.
  • The G minor Ballade after "Konrad Wallenrod," is a logical, well knit and largely planned composition.
  • "W, R, A, double G, E--Wragge," said the captain, ticking off the letters persuasively on his fingers.
  • Once she had a cat nursing a litter of kittens, and one of the chickens in the yard being rather deformed and not thriving, Miss G. brought it and flung it to the cat, thinking it would be a great treat to her.
  • Here, in imitation of Malibran, she modified the original phrase of Bellini, so as to let her voice descend to the tenor G, when, by a rapid transition, she struck the G above the treble stave, springing over an interval of two octaves.
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