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Word: gamblers
IPA transcription: [ɡ'æmblɚz]
Pronunciations of gamblers
Usage examples
  • The gamblers, of whom I descried not a few, were still more easily recognisable.
  • He made her give him the money she had earned from the waxwork, joined the gamblers and in a few hours had lost it all.
  • One, she saw, was her grandfather, and the others were the gamblers with whom he had played at the inn on the night of the storm.
  • He was acquainted with many people of many different sorts, and had been to jewelers and pawnbrokers, gamblers and lodging-house keepers, and had learned some things to his purpose.
  • They all related to race-horses, and to cunningly devised bets which were certain to make the fortunes of the clever gamblers on the turf who laid them. Absolute indifference on the part of the winners to the ruin of the losers, who were not in the secret, was the one feeling in common, which her father's correspondents presented.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Bob Ferguson (infielder), License CC BY-SA 4.0