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Word: garments
IPA transcription: [ɡ'ɑɹmənts]
Usage examples
  • Those remarkable garments fitted him like eel-skins.
  • They took my white garments away and gave me black ones.
  • For my bridal clothes they made me black garments instead.
  • Anna had called at the Suttons' to deliver some finished garments.
  • She stood with her hands on her hips, pensively contemplating the garments.
  • She was plainly yet rather richly dressed, in garments of an old-fashioned and well-preserved look.
  • What he had done with it I cannot say; possibly it had vanished, with his other garments, into air.
  • She did not speak, but a soft rustling of her garments let him know that she had gone back to her chair again.
  • Those strange garments had looked so refreshingly picturesque, and I had conceived such an intense longing to wear them!
  • He was very well dressed, as the porter had said, entirely in black, in perfectly new garments, and with a white cravat.