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Word: geneva
IPA transcription: [dʒən'ivə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: geneva, Holland_gin, Hollands
    Meaning: gin made in the Netherlands
  • Synonyms: Geneva, Geneve, Genf
    Meaning: a city in southwestern Switzerland at the western end of Lake Geneva; it is the headquarters of various international organizations
Usage examples
  • Well, Mark Vrain took the house in Geneva Square six months back.
  • He had imbibed at Geneva the idea that one must always be attentive to one's aunt.
  • And yet was he to accuse Miss Daisy Miller of actual or potential inconduite, as they said at Geneva?
  • "You and I and a couple of policemen will go down to that house in Geneva Square--by the front, sir, by the front."
  • She didn't rise, blushing, as a young girl at Geneva would have done; and yet Winterbourne, conscious that he had been very bold, thought it possible she was offended.
  • But this was the worst and most frivolous side of her character, for she was really a good-hearted, cheery little woman, with a brisk manner, and a flow of talk unequalled in Geneva Square.
  • The French cardinals, as soon as they recovered their liberty, fled from Rome, and protesting against the forced election, chose Robert, son of the count of Geneva, who took the name of Clement VII., and resided at Avignon.
  • In 1532, at Pleinpalais, a suburb of Geneva, some rascals from among a band of gipsies, consisting of upwards of three hundred in number, fell upon several of the officers who were stationed to prevent their entering the town.
  • One of the characteristic marks of that party is the disposition which it has always shown to appeal, on points of dogmatic theology, rather to the Liturgy, which was derived from Rome, than to the Articles and Homilies, which were derived from Geneva.
  • Notwithstanding all the glory of the shops, and the tempting array of the jewellery and trinkets of every description therein displayed, after a few days of sailing on the exquisite lake, and some walks and drives, Polly, down deep in her heart, was quite ready to move on from Geneva.