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Word: georgina
IPA transcription: [dʒ,ɔɹdʒ'inə]
Usage examples
  • 'So is mine, Georgina Lois.
  • But Lady Georgina cried, 'Nonsense, child!
  • 'You will come, Lois?' Lady Georgina asked.
  • 'Lady Georgina Fawley, 49 Fortescue Crescent, W.'
  • "It comes from eating too much toffy," said Georgina.
  • "Except those green ones he wore at the races," said Georgina.
  • 'What! you are then Lady Georgina Fawley!' he cried, striking an attitude.
  • 'I have had my moments,' Lady Georgina murmured, with her head on one side.
  • 'Would you like some lunch, Lady Georgina?' I asked, in my chilliest voice.
  • As I walked off, well pleased, Lady Georgina's friend ran after me quickly.