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Word: gilt
IPA transcription: [ɡ'ɪlt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: aureate, gilded, gilt, gold, golden
    Meaning: having the deep slightly brownish color of gold; "long aureate (or golden) hair"; "a gold carpet"
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: gilt, gilding
    Meaning: a coating of gold or of something that looks like gold
Usage examples
  • R. S." in gilt letters on the panel of the door.
  • They made the room feel cold, in spite of the heavy red damask curtains and great gilt cornices.
  • In the spaces between the windows there were mirrors in elaborate white and gilt frames, of old-fashioned carving.
  • All the boys in the country side were there, armed with wooden swords, and decorated with epaulets made of gilt paper.
  • The vessel in sight was a large hermaphrodite brig, of a Dutch build, and painted black, with a tawdry gilt figure-head.
  • He started up; and the remembrance of the morning returned to him--the glassy light, the changing rays, the beaming gilt upon the useless books.
  • These Biscay hookers, even to the poorest, were gilt and painted. Tattooing is part of the genius of those charming people, savages to some degree.
  • One of these wagons, by the way, a gorgeous red one, had "Express" painted on it in gilt letters, and was known to the younger children as the "'spress" wagon.
  • "That all with one consent praise new-born gawds, Tho they are made and moulded of things past, And give to dust that is a little gilt More laud than gilt o'er-dusted."
  • Next morning we went to New York, and Henriette, taking my design to a theatrical property-man we knew on Union Square, left an order for its exact reproduction in gilt and paste.