Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: gleams
IPA transcription: [ɡl'imz]
Usage examples
  • It is autumn; in the desert night, sharp like a sword gleams the moon upon the frosted grass.
  • Little George visited her captivity sometimes and consoled it with feeble gleams of encouragement.
  • Only I see again very distinctly the greenish gleams that ran over lock and barrel as I turned the weapon in my hand.
  • They flashed on the white, still face, and the gleams seemed to be swallowed up in that red blotch in the snowy hair.
  • After a time, I looked to right and left, and saw the intolerable blackness of the night, pierced by remote gleams of fire.
  • The weather has been very warm and fine on the whole, with occasional gleams of sunshine, but to-night there is a rather chill wind from the south.
  • "That is the signal Lucy used to set in the window at the Hall to show that all was well," he said, putting his unwounded arm round the girl, "and now it gleams as a sign that there is a happy future for you and I, dearest."
  • Steadily it grew, filling the room with gleams of quivering green light; then they sank quickly, and changed--even as the candle flames had done--into a deep, somber crimson that strengthened, and lit up the room with a flood of awful glory.
  • The two men had clubs and were striking about in the half darkness, for now the Indians had set several fires aglow. And in the gleams, constantly growing brighter as more fuel was piled on, the young inventor and his chum saw a weird sight.