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Word: glided
IPA transcription: [ɡl'aɪdɪd]
Usage examples
  • Time and space glided past us.
  • The Phantom glided on into a street.
  • Presently the punt glided behind a clump of trees.
  • The ghost of a smile glided across the captain's lips, and that was all.
  • Harry Annesley glided into her heart after a manner very different from this.
  • Satisfied at length that there was no danger within range, the mink glided up to the wagon.
  • "I'm sorry not to say good-bye to Mr. Split," said Dot, as the boat glided out into the river.
  • A little urchin would hang to his pony's long tail, while the latter, with only his head above water, glided sportively along.
  • Deep shadows reposed upon their lower wreaths; and often, between two separated fields of cloud, there glided down a ray of unspeakable lustre.
  • Then, so suddenly that it quite startled the childish voyagers, the boat glided from the archway into the most beautiful country one could imagine.