Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: glimpses
IPA transcription: [ɡl'ɪmpsɪz]
Usage examples
  • Beyond the peninsula he caught glimpses of the broad Potomac.
  • She caught glimpses of glitter and tinsel, wheels and fragments of unidentifiable toys.
  • As we walked, and especially as we turned, I caught frequent glimpses of the housekeeper's face.
  • How I hated these glimpses of the intimate friendship which must exist between my husband and this woman!
  • He occasionally astounded his companions by such glimpses of occult science as that the world is round and that the sun is relatively stationary.
  • The soft, unusual glow threw into relief the pretty curtains and wreaths of green, and gave glimpses of cosy interiors and flitting happy figures.
  • Ransford's face flushed and he turned deliberately to the window, and for a moment stood staring out on his garden and the glimpses of the Cathedral.
  • The river swished high against its banks and once or twice, when he caught dim glimpses of it through the trees, he saw a yellow torrent bearing much brushwood upon its bosom.
  • But, from glimpses here and there, and from the purity and lightness of the air, I judged that we were on far higher ground than any we had yet traversed, the central comb, perhaps, of the mountain-system.
  • It was slit to the shoulder, and gave entrancing glimpses of her arms with every movement, leaving them almost bare when she lifted her hands, which was often, for she was as full of gestures as a Frenchwoman.