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Word: globes
IPA transcription: [ɡl'oʊbz]
Usage examples
  • And these crystals are just like globes of light."
  • The columnar formations are topped by globes which emit an ethereal radiance!"
  • Some came in chariots drawn by dragons, or swans, or peacocks; some were mounted upon floating clouds, or globes of fire.
  • The globes on the tops of the columns dimmed their lights, and the squares, rectangles and globes got instantly into terrible motion.
  • I saw too, what seemed to be weapons: a row of small fragile glass globes, hanging on clips along the wall--bombs, each the size of a man's fist.
  • At intervals white globes hung from the ceiling--many of them cracked and smashed--which suggested that originally the place had been artificially lit.
  • Southward from the position in which they had formed they began to move, the squares and rectangles apparently sliding along the surface of the scarred and broken soil, the globes rolling.
  • The top of each of them was a gleaming globe whose eery light played over the country immediately surrounding each column, their weird light reflected in the squares, rectangles and globes that other cubes had formed.
  • He was intently watching me, his round eyes shining like a pair of green phosphorescent globes. Having no weapon, I was at the brute's mercy, and was about to utter a loud shout to summon assistance, but as he sat so still I refrained, and began even to hope that he would go quietly away.
  • Some of the booths are devoted to dolls; others to toys of various kinds; still others to birds in cages, goldfish in globes, queer chirping insects in wicker baskets, pretty ornaments for the hair, fans, candies, and cakes of all sorts, roasted beans and peanuts, and other things too numerous to mention.