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Word: governing
IPA transcription: [ɡ'ʌvɚnɪŋ]
Pronunciations of governing
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: governing
    Meaning: responsible for making and enforcing rules and laws; "governing bodies"
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: government, governing, governance, government_activity, administration
    Meaning: the act of governing; exercising authority; "regulations for the governing of state prisons"; "he had considerable experience of government"
Usage examples
  • They have all the governing in their hands, and get very little money for doing it."
  • It seems to me that to these three principles three pleasures correspond; also three desires and governing powers.
  • He does not ask them to assist him in governing the State; it is enough that they do not aspire to govern it themselves.
  • For a moment, biting her carmine lip, she deplored inwardly the tyranny of the rigid principles governing the sale of her influence in high places.
  • Experts were sending--on their own account, on behalf of learned societies, and through local and imperial governing bodies--reports dealing with the matter, and suggesting remedies.
  • It will force us to question a great metaphysical principle which, up till now, has been almost universally considered as governing the problem of the union of the mind with the body.
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