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Word: grander
IPA transcription: [ɡɹ'ændɚ]
Usage examples
  • "But Destiny had singled me out, humble though I was, for a grander fate! One day I crawled near
  • Very soon he retired to rest in a splendid room, far grander than anything he had ever dreamed of.
  • 'Fightin' ain't the only grand thing in this world; peace is grander,' was the slow response to this appeal.
  • Jackson might come, but it would only be with a part of his force, that which marched the swiftest, and the victory of the Army of the Potomac would be all the grander.
  • Besides, allow me to observe, that although I stated that the apartments at Arnwood were on a grander scale, I never said that I had ever been a possessor of one of them."
  • Some think Swift's the best; others prefer a fuller and grander way of writing.' JOHNSON. 'Sir, you must first define what you mean by style, before you can judge who has a good taste in style, and who has a bad.