Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: grannis
IPA transcription: [ɡɹ'ænɪs]
Usage examples
  • Old Grannis's occupation was gone.
  • Old Grannis had received his check.
  • Old Grannis leant his face in his hands.
  • "Stop," cried Old Grannis, finding his voice at last.
  • "Think ILL of you?" cried Old Grannis, "think ILL of you?
  • "Thanks, thanks," murmured Old Grannis, setting down the tray.
  • Old Grannis shyly put out his hand and took hers as it lay upon her lap.
  • "Let me--I'll take the tray from you," cried Old Grannis, coming forward.
  • "I'll drink it from the saucer." Old Grannis had drawn up his armchair for her.
  • Then Old Grannis put his arm about her, and kissed her faded cheek, that flushed to pink upon the instant.