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Word: greasy
IPA transcription: [ɡɹ'isi]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: greasy, oily, sebaceous, oleaginous
    Meaning: containing an unusual amount of grease or oil; "greasy hamburgers"; "oily fried potatoes"; "oleaginous seeds"
Usage examples
  • The napalm caught, tongues of flame and roiling, greasy smoke climbed up to the sky.
  • The prize at the top of a greasy pole which is continually slipping from one's grasp.
  • About five minutes later, Desgas returned, followed by an elderly Jew, in a dirty, threadbare gaberdine, worn greasy across the shoulders.
  • They are the lightest fried in a great deal of fat, but less greasy if fried in just fat enough to keep them from sticking to the frying pan.
  • He has a piece of cloth which he calls a napkin, with which he wipes from his lips, and from the hair on his lips, the greasy juices of the meat.
  • TALC SCHIST consists of quartz and TALC, a light-colored magnesian mineral of greasy feel, and so soft that it can be scratched with the thumb nail.
  • As he walked his feet splashed in a pool of greasy and slippery water, which had such a heavy smell of fish fried in oil that Pinocchio thought it was Lent.
  • The butchers' meat should be of the best quality, and not over-fat, as greasy substances of all kinds are apt to render the body gross and the skin diseased.
  • Far in this den of infamous resort, there was a low-browed, beetling shop, below a pent-house roof, where iron, old rags, bottles, bones, and greasy offal, were bought.
  • Here only a small triangle of blue sky could be seen--not a tree, not a bit of earth--and in the small room all those heavy furnishings closed around her, dark red, stuffy, and greasy with London smoke.