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Word: grouse
IPA transcription: [ɡɹ'aʊs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: grouse
    Meaning: popular game bird having a plump body and feathered legs and feet
  • Synonyms: grouse
    Meaning: flesh of any of various grouse of the family Tetraonidae; usually roasted; flesh too dry to broil
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: gripe, bitch, grouse, crab, beef, squawk, bellyache, holler
    Meaning: complain; "What was he hollering about?"
  • Synonyms: grouse
    Meaning: hunt grouse
Usage examples
  • The marsh was dry and there were no grouse at all.
  • Roar, grouse, and clamor on, all ye jangling jays.
  • The splendid sage grouse is now extinct in many parts of its previous range.
  • It was while hunting in vain for a grouse that I came on the bear and killed it as above described.
  • Give the sage grouse and sharp-tail ten-year close seasons, at once, to forestall their extermination.
  • "Tomorrow I'll go out early, and I'll make a point of keeping cool. There are lots of snipe; and there are grouse too.
  • There should be five-year close seasons enacted for quail, grouse, plover, woodcock, snipe, and all other shore birds.
  • Nevada's bag limits are among the best of any state, the only serious flaw being "10 sage grouse" per day: which should be 0!
  • I am told that the sage grouse is almost "gone"; and I think that the antelope, caribou, and mountain sheep are in the same condition of scarcity.
  • How should either of you yet know the thunderous flight of the wild grouse, this great bird which whirled away through the brown leaves of the oaks?