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Word: gust
IPA transcription: [ɡ'ʌst]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: gust, blast, blow
    Meaning: a strong current of air; "the tree was bent almost double by the gust"
Usage examples
  • Like straws in a gust of wind
  • 'Come along,' said Lawford, with a faint gust of laughter; 'let's see.'
  • A brilliant glare settled suddenly upon the deck of the submarine, and was welcomed by a panicky gust of oaths.
  • Ships, too, are good, with masts to tie one's self to, and sails and rudder, and a gust of wind to waft one quickly past the island.
  • Then he brushed a gust of chilly rain across the face of Sir Richmond as he stood waiting for his car outside the strangers' entrance to the House.
  • Suddenly the poor wretch felt a gust of cold air on the hands resting upon the flags; it came from under the little door to which the two walls led.
  • "And if I let a gust of wind or a sprinkling of rain turn me aside from these easy tasks, what preparation would such sloth be for the future I propose to myself?"
  • I'm king here." At last I must confess my voice suddenly broke in the middle of a vigorous threat. I felt a gust of hysterical petulance, and went aft and stared dismally at nothing.
  • The princess was just going to break off some to give him, when a sudden violent gust of wind from the bottom of the abyss snatched the loaf from her hand, and sent it whistling downwards.
  • Yes, she has a flower at her throat; one, two, oh, blessed sight! he saw it all across the room, and gave a rapturous sigh which caused Miss Perry's frizzled crop to wave with a sudden gust.