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Word: haggard
IPA transcription: [h'æɡɚd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: careworn, drawn, haggard, raddled, worn
    Meaning: showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering; "looking careworn as she bent over her mending"; "her face was drawn and haggard from sleeplessness"; "that raddled but still noble face"; "shocked to see the worn look of his handsome young face"- Charles Dickens
  • Synonyms: bony, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, pinched, skeletal, wasted
    Meaning: very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold; "emaciated bony hands"; "a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys"; "eyes were haggard and cavernous"; "small pinched faces"; "kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration"
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Haggard, Rider_Haggard, Sir_Henry_Rider_Haggard
    Meaning: British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925)
Usage examples
  • By H. Rider Haggard
  • He looked haggard and anxious, and started up when the door opened.
  • "But--" said Denton, and for a moment his miserably haggard face appealed against fate.
  • My haggard and wild appearance awoke intense alarm, but I answered no question, scarcely did I speak.
  • "Oh! it is not he!" she cried, shrinking away in terror, and she stood face to face with the conscript, gazing at him with haggard eyes.
  • He went about the constituency an anxious, haggard man, working himself to death without being able to awaken a spark of emotion in the heart of anybody.
  • She paused, thinking of the marriage that was now a marriage no more. The toilet-table was close to her; she looked absently at her haggard face in the glass.
  • Indeed, he saw a picture of himself, dust-stained, haggard, panting, flying to the front at the proper moment to seize and throttle the dark, leering witch of calamity.
  • "Madame, he is--" cried Brigitte, thinking that her mistress was alone. At the sight of the public prosecutor, the old servant's joy-flushed countenance became haggard and impassive.
  • But when the painter approached his easel a few hours after, looking more pale and haggard still than he was wont, from the fears of the night, a new bewilderment took possession of him.