Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: hailed
IPA transcription: [h'eɪld]
Usage examples
  • He hailed her.
  • He hailed his father.
  • Lincoln was hailed as the "capper" of any "good things on the rounds."
  • The Euphrates, indeed, was hailed as a creator of all that grew on its banks.
  • When he had made these purchases, he hailed the first empty cab that passed him, and went back to his hotel.
  • Geiss was hailed again and told to saddle up Billy Burt's, the Deputy County Clerk's, black pony and bring him out on the street.
  • Soon after leaving the church a rustic swain hailed me and asked for a match. The pipe and the Virginia weed--they mean amity the world over.
  • In wild excitement the people ran to the battlements and roofs, and with cheering and clapping of hands hailed the appearance of the still far-distant fleet.
  • Next day, the 24th of August, scarcely an hour before the ceremony was to take place, a large pirogue came off from the left bank of the river and hailed the jangada.
  • The coach, however, was eventually hailed, brought to, and the door being opened, Dr. Danvers got in, and took his place opposite to the passenger already established there.