Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: handfuls
IPA transcription: [h'ændf,ʊlz]
Usage examples
  • Old Martha stood in the middle of a mob of poultry scattering handfuls of grain around her.
  • Niccolo reached down the finely-wrought coat, which fell together into little more than two handfuls.
  • He gathered his last nuggets and hurled them in handfuls at the mirror, shattering it in countless pieces.
  • At the same time the two bleeding men throw handfuls of down about, some of which adheres to the blood-stained bodies of their comrades, while the rest floats in the air.
  • So the water was sent for, and Dot and Tot took long and refreshing drinks, although their action alarmed Flippityflop, who urged them to eat a few handfuls of sawdust afterward to absorb the dampness.
  • This consisted of two handfuls of crumpled twenty-dollar bills from his trousers, three rolls of one-hundred-dollar bills from his waistcoat, and sundry other lots of currency, both paper and specie, that I found stowed away in his overcoat and dinner-coat pockets.
  • Elfrida had scattered handfuls of seeds over the snow in the garden, that the wild birds might have a comfortable breakfast next morning, and had stuffed bundles of dried grasses in the fireplaces, so that the reindeer of Santa Claus could refresh themselves after their long gallops across country.