Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: hawkeye
IPA transcription: [h'ɔk,aɪ]
Usage examples
  • The Senator spent Sunday in Hawkeye and attended church.
  • The visit of Senator Abner Dilworthy was an event in Hawkeye.
  • At any rate when he at length went away from Hawkeye he was no nearer it.
  • Polly, mark my words--in three years from this, Hawkeye'll be a howling wilderness. You'll see.
  • The Senator's commendation at least did one service for him, it elevated him in the opinion of Hawkeye.
  • As I was saying, when I can lay down the cares of office and retire to the sweets of private life in some such sweet, peaceful, intelligent, wide-awake and patriotic place as Hawkeye (applause).
  • Hawkeye calls the Lac du Saint Sacrement, the "Horican." As we believe this to be an appropriation of the name that has its origin with ourselves, the time has arrived, perhaps, when the fact should be frankly admitted.
  • When a Senator, whose place is in Washington moving among the Great and guiding the destinies of the nation, condescends to mingle among the people and accept the hospitalities of such a place as Hawkeye, the honor is not considered a light one.
  • "And there we strike Columbus River--pass me two or three skeins of thread to stand for the river; the sugar bowl will do for Hawkeye, and the rat trap for Stone's Landing--Napoleon, I mean--and you can see how much better Napoleon is located than Hawkeye.