Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: heaped
IPA transcription: [h'ipt]
Usage examples
  • "From snow that is heaped up every winter on the mountains."
  • The shining black mantelpiece was heaped with roses and ferns.
  • In the midst of disorder and confusion, death heaped victims on victims.
  • For then a second time the heroes heaped up a barrow for a comrade dead.
  • 'My friend, add one more kindness to those you have already heaped on me.
  • The whole is then quickly heaped up with earth, and forms a sloping mound.
  • Fastened to the creeping branch, the unsightly bundle lies on the sand heaped up by the rains.
  • Upon getting back to the car, he found it burdened with the quartz-blocks that Joe's greed had heaped in it.
  • A barricade had been heaped up across the mouth of Novaya Ulitza--boxes, barrels, an old bed-spring, a wagon.
  • On Christmas Eve Santa Claus came in his sledge heaped high with presents, urging his team of reindeer across the field.