Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: heaved
IPA transcription: [h'ivd]
Usage examples
  • She heaved a sigh of relief.
  • The curate heaved a sigh of relief.
  • The outer seal snapped open and the spaceman heaved.
  • Her breast heaved and her white teeth bit upon her lip.
  • The great fish heaved itself up and threw up all the twelve ships and their crews.
  • His strength was abnormal, and for some minutes the struggling mass of men strained and heaved about him.
  • They filled up a darksome pit With water to the brim, They heaved in John Barleycorn-- There let him sink or swim.
  • Then his chest heaved, and he drew a long breath, like a man who feels almost stifled by some internal oppression.
  • She heaved a deep sigh, like one who had long been oppressed with the heavy weight of constant self-control, and she allowed a few tears to fall unheeded down her cheeks.
  • "Oh, sir, I will indeed be worthy of the confidence that you have shown in me!" Her eyes moistened; her variable color came and went; her dress heaved softly over the lovely outline of her bosom.