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Word: hegel
IPA transcription: [h'ɛɡəl]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Hegel, Georg_Wilhelm_Friedrich_Hegel
    Meaning: German philosopher whose three stage process of dialectical reasoning was adopted by Karl Marx (1770-1831)
Usage examples
  • Old Plock cornered me and made my head spin with Kant and Hegel and that lot.'
  • It follows that we cannot prove that the universe as a whole forms a single harmonious system such as Hegel believes that it forms.
  • In this way Hegel advances until he reaches the 'Absolute Idea', which, according to him, has no incompleteness, no opposite, and no need of further development.
  • Thus Hegel reaches the conclusion that Absolute Reality forms one single harmonious system, not in space or time, not in any degree evil, wholly rational, and wholly spiritual.
  • And if we cannot prove this, we also cannot prove the unreality of space and time and matter and evil, for this is deduced by Hegel from the fragmentary and relational character of these things.
  • Just as a comparative anatomist, from a single bone, sees what kind of animal the whole must have been, so the metaphysician, according to Hegel, sees, from any one piece of reality, what the whole of reality must be--at least in its large outlines.