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Word: heights
IPA transcription: [h'aɪts]
Pronunciations of heights
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: high, heights
    Meaning: a high place; "they stood on high and observed the countryside"; "he doesn't like heights"
Usage examples
  • The big country road ran just back of the heights.
  • The convicts on Prospect Heights! that was disaster, devastation, ruin.
  • However, it was not probable that the convicts would have yet left the plateau of Prospect Heights.
  • Along the picturesque heights above the lake would rise in beauty the costly villas and the splendid summer residences of capital.
  • Boulogne was a strong position, then almost a deserted town, built entirely on the heights; what is now called the lower town did not then exist.
  • And just beyond the hedge the mountainside awaited him, going up and up in one smooth sweep until the green and tawny faded into hazy heights of rock.
  • Just then a huge cave opened up in our path, hollowed from a picturesque pile of rocks whose smooth heights were completely hung with underwater flora.
  • But she possessed a kindly and winning nature, and, as will be seen, the ability to rise to heights of greatness when necessity called on her to do so.
  • The Union army lay opposite Fredericksburg, looking at the fortified heights where they had received so bloody a repulse at the beginning of the winter.
  • The ragged starveling crew of Pilot Narvaez had found what are now known as Burrard Inlet, Vancouver City, Point Grey, Shaughnessy Heights, and the Fraser River.
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