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Word: herein
IPA transcription: [hɪɹ'ɪn]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: herein
    Meaning: in this place or thing or document; "I shall discuss the question herein"
Usage examples
  • Herein, as said, I draw sharp distinctions.
  • I have therefore herein combined 'Al Aaraaf' and 'Tamerlane' with other poems hitherto unprinted.
  • Do not feel surprised or discouraged if practise on the principles of delivery herein laid down seems to retard your fluency.
  • But then, as to the affairs of his family and children, in which indeed, according to his own opinion, he was also very fortunate, because he was able to conquer his enemies, yet, in my opinion, he was herein very unfortunate.
  • And being a little vexed herein (for the Badcocks were not a rich couple) and finding no more than bacon, and eggs, and cheese, and little items, and nothing to drink but water; in a word, their taste being offended, they came back, to the kitchen, and stamped; and there was the baby lying.